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{❀} — “You’re going to have to give me a minute.. These chains are tight.. Man, I wonder what metal they use.”

Relationship advice | Asami & Bo 


I’m so glad you can help with this, Asami— Bo then rubbed his temples before making himself comfortable. Regardless of Asami’s support to help him with this, he still found it incredibly embarrassing. Listening to the others questions is what Bo heard the most out of Mako, but it was different now.


You see, when I’m all flirtatious like that is when I don’t know somebody likes me, but now I know somebody does like me and— well, it’s just different now. His leg shook nervously and his hands were a little sweaty. He was a hot mess, and that was for certain.

She told me to just be myself, but I don’t know how to be myself! You gotta help me— 

{❀} —”I get it.” she grinned. “You’re just a little bit nervous is all!”

Asami didn’t quite understand how someone like Bolin could possibly be nervous, He was always so open and honest, so fervently true to himself that sometimes it really shocked and awed her. She admired that in him. But Asami supposed everyone had insecurities, little things that made them unsure.

"Well.. Sounds like all you need is a little bit of practice! Sometimes it’s hard not to be self conscious in front of new people.. I’ll tell you what, why don’t you and I go out to dinner and we can just do a test run, you know? You can practice being yourself with me!"

Relationship advice | Asami & Bo 


A small laugh couldn’t help but leave him at the others teasing remark as he walked into her room, Well, I’ve been having a lot on my mind, and well— Now the problem was how he was going to go about this. Bolin had never asked anyone for advice except for Mako, but his brother wasn’t any good with girl advice.


You see— I need some advice. He finally admitted with his shoulders slumping slightly. Like, girl advice— You can laugh now.

{❀} — “I’m not going to laugh, Bolin.” she half lied, as a kind giggle escaped her. Not mocking, but amused. “Everyone needs some advice every now and then. And I AM very good at that sort of thing.” she assured him, flashing another warm smile.

It was good that Bolin came to her, the others wouldn’t know where to start. Korra, with all her strength, was overbearing. Mako, for all his intelligence, completely useless. Lin.. Well, there was hardly any advice Lin could give. Unless Bolin was looking to become the ultimate workaholic.

"What’s up? I thought you were great with girls. The hair, the muscles, the jokes.. You’re like the posterchild for fliration."



“Thanks Asami, I do my best.” He shrugged and returned her smile.
"You know we couldn’t do any of this without you, either."

“But I know what you mean. Sure would make all of this easier. I don’t know about you,
but I don’t buy the “safest place” claim about Zaofu.”

{❀} — “Thanks. Team Avatar’s at its strongest with you. I really am glad you decided to come.” she contended, offering a genuine smile.

"What are you talking about? The place is made of metal! I believe it.” she replied. “Of course, your instincts are usually pretty spot on.. Have you talked to Korra about it? Or Lin? I’m sure Lin would love to scope this place out for flaws with you.”



          “From the citizens’ perspective, it doesn’t seem to bode as good news, either.” He shrugged, only seeming nonchalant because he was thankful the Fire Nation did not have to deal with this. Although the yet would have to be considered.

          “I suppose I’ll have to investigate that explosions’ cause now.” He soon mused, starting to push himself away from the wall where he once leaned against. Then he looked to the woman, nodding his head in the intended direction. “You coming?”

{❀} — “No.. But everyone around here is working with it the best they can!” she added optimistically. It was only a half lie, after all. The fact of the matter was that most of the citizens were quite upset, only managing to get through the day by yelling at the vines.

"Oh! Of course, I guess I should. I’m Asami Sato, by the way. President and Owner of Future Industries, and friend of the Avatar. At your service, sir—?" she beamed, leaving room for him to introduce himself.

Relationship advice | Asami & Bo 



This was definitely on Bo’s top ten most embarrassing moments. Usually he was pretty confident in himself, but right now there was some underlining doubt that was holding him back. Right now there was really only one person that he could really turn to right now.

Knocking at Asami’s door he called out, Hey, Asami, you in?


{❀} — Her ears perked at the sound of strong hands hitting her door. It had to be Bolin. She had noticed the distinct sounds of her friend’s hands, and Bolin’s were, unsuprisingly, the strongest. “Yeah, just give me a second!” she called out, pushing her hair behind her ear as she stood from her seat.

She donned a warm smile as she opened the door, motioning the earthbender to come in. “You sure are out and about early. I didn’t know you ever woke up before dinner.” she teased lightly. “Is everything okay? You look kind of.. Tense.”



         ”Well, it’s not a long story. And I’m pretty sure that explosion described it.” He said while glancing over to the rising smoke. “It is strange how the spirits and vines are only populating Republic City.”

{❀} —Asami sighed, more embarrassed than anything. “I bet I know the cause.” she mumbled.

"Well, I’m no expert on.. Anything about spirits really, but I think it has to do with the harmonic convergence. Korra let out a lot of spiritual energy fighting Vaatu."



"Thanks, I’ll be ok, Asami — Just wish we had more information on The Red Lotus.
Have you been holding up alright?

{❀} —”We all do. Good thing we’ve got one of Republic City’s finest police officers on the job.” she smiled, nudging his arm with her elbow.

"I’ve been fine by most measures. I just wish.. People were easier. That there wasn’t so much adversity."



Opal sighed, why did her worth as a person have to be identified by her new-found bending?

"Thank you, Asami. As much as I enjoy being a bender, it’s a lot less stressful to be without it. Look at you, you’re just as amazing without bending. If anyone deserved bending, it would be you."

{❀} — Asami frowned, her eyebrows furrowing.

"Bending isn’t a prize. It’s a gift. And you can do what you want with it. No one can force you to do something. I mean, just because you CAN bend doesn’t mean you have to. Before anything, you’re you. You’re Opal. Smart, kind, amazing Opal."

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